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In 2008, God gave us a vision to establish the newsletter Word of Revival in Belarus. Our mission was to
reach out to local churches with little or no access to spiritual literature and provide them with
encouragement and spiritual guidance from the Word of God. Currently, the Word of Revival newsletter is
being published and distributed free of charge in countries of former Soviet Union and in the USA.

Our mission is to spread the message of revival, awakening, and restoration through the preaching of the
Gospel, printed literature, audio broadcasts, video broadcasts, and media resources for the purpose of
equipping our generation to be able to accomplish God’s plans in the last days.

We believe that God is going to raise up a church that will not be defined by any religious structure,
organization, or denomination; rather it will be a holy remnant walking in the power of the book of Acts. It
will be a people separated from the sin of this world, fully dedicated to Christ serving Him wholeheartedly.
The true church of Jesus Christ will have the unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the sinful
and adulterous generation.

Our goal is not to build up a ministry, but to preach the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Pavel Gurzhiy


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